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Pyromax Fire
Pyromax proudly introduces a complete range of high quality fire extinguisher at economical price.

Pyromax fire extinguishers are performance-proven in extinguishing various classes of fire and are internationally endorsed on the quality for export.

All units are color coded in accordance to British BS EN 3 standard.

Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

* Multi-purpose fire extinguishers which is suitable for extinguishing all types of Class A, B, C ( E) fire.
* Specially made for quick extinguishing of fire caused by electrical equipment or combustible solid materials, flammable liquids and gasses.
* Dry chemical powder-type fire extinguisher is also effective for protecting motorized vehicles.
* Available in 8 sizes: 3 to 9 kgs ( portable type) and 20 to 68 kgs ( wheeled type) .

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

* A clean and inert gaseous agent with effective fire-extinguishing property by displacing oxygen from materials on fire.
* All models are with anti-electrostatic and non-conductive nozzle which is ideal for usage on flammable liquids or energized electrical equipment.
* Is environmentally safe and ideal for protecting sensitive electronics and modern office equipments.
* Available in 6 sizes: 2 to 6, 8 kgs ( portable type) and 9 to 45 kgs ( wheeled type) .

Foam Fire Extinguisher

* Suitable for extinguishing Class A & B fire.
* Extinguishes the fire on oil or flammable liquids by forming a foam blanket over the burning areas and by cooling the oil below its ignition temperature.
* Available in 5 sizes: 6 & 9 litres ( portable type) and 30 to 90 litres ( wheeled type) .

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